Fear is the Enemy

The enemy is defined as someone who is actively opposed to someone or hostile to them. Fear is your enemy. It actively works against your mind, body and spirit to tell you, you cannot succeed. Think about a time you desired to do something maybe loose weight, write a book, become a doctor, anything. Usually we say things to ourselves like…what if I can’t do it…what if it’s not for me…I don’t know anything, I will look stupid…what if I fail? That is your very enemy plotting and working against you to get you to move on and go back to your regular life, your routine because that’s easy. That’s known and what can you fear about the known? But, the truth is fear is a figment of your imagination. It is not real, you create it. I will share a personal story with you to demonstrate how fear is really a figment of your imagination. Growing up I had a crippling fear of the dark. I didn’t sleep well, and didn’t do many things and half of my day felt stolen from me, especially mentally. No one could tell me that there weren’t things and people in the dark out to get me. Eventually, I realized I needed help and began to read books, watch videos and spoke to a family member who is also a psychologist, I remained in constant prayer and meditation about the issue. One day something hit me and I decided that it was enough. I can’t explain the shift entirely but I just new I needed to sleep in peace more than I needed to be afraid of the dark. I realized I was exhibiting that behaviour around my four year old at the time and he began to emulate me and that wasn’t what I wanted for him. I went to bed that night and I turned of all the lights and wrestled with my fears and won. I spoke to myself and I said I am not afraid of the dark and I will fear you no longer. Whatever will happen will happen anyway so I will get some sleep and let it be. I am happy to say I am no longer afraid of the dark , I made up all the things I feared and I had to change my narrative. I made up new things and chose to believe those instead, wrote them down and repeated them to myself as often as needed at first. So now I ask you, what do you think would happen if you stopped being afraid, if you just took the leap and go for it? Sure you may fail but if you try and fail isn’t it better than letting the enemy win the battle without even putting up a fight? Change your narrative, talk to yourself, listen and be convicted and confident, you can do it.

You fear what you don’t know or understand.