Mind Over Matter

In life we have many challenges that bombards us on a daily basis. It’s easy to cover your head under the blanket and wish it away. But the truth is I find life is made up of two types of people. The one who waits around wondering when the next trouble is going to come. Perhaps plan how long it will take them to recover from the incident that is yet to happen. Or the proactive type. They are go getters they know struggles will come and they may plan and prepare for the inevitable. They will not sit around and wait for it. Life continues and they live knowing that struggles will come but as soon as it comes they brush it off and move on. My dream is that everyone myself included will find that space. A space where our minds are cultivated and capable of handling pressure. For much like weight training it is the time under pressure that yeilds strong muscles. Yes it is easier said than done but to get where you want to go in life you cannot be weak minded. You have to be strong. Take pressure and multiply the force, use it to help you bounce back. You will find when you develop this skill you will have a healthier and happier life. One of the side effects of this is weight loss, especially in women. Women store so much of our negative energy. That is what causes emotional eating and fat storage in the stomach area. So next time you are faced with what is perceived as a negative situation remember it is only to be temporary. Don’t hold on to it, use it has fuel to do more good and create positive energy around you. Think of it as conditioning your mind and body out of survival mode. You don’t want to survive life you want to live it to the fullest.

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