My Number one Fan

So on my journey to becoming a healthier me I’ve discovered something important. Something I wish I knew long before. Through my years in university and my years in real estate. I have to be my number one Fan. Omg I know it’s not so mind blowing but for me it was. Often times we expect those around us to catch on to our vision, see the end goal as we see it. But very rear do you find that special gem you can share your dreams with and they can envision it with you in the moment. Rather you may be surrounded by people who don’t even have a vision for their life. Who doesn’t understand what it means to envision today as you desire tomorrow to be so your actions will line up. All that means is eventually after doing today like you want tomorrow to be day after day one day tomorrow will be your reality and yesterday would have passed. It’s hard to not have others support and understand you. But you have to believe first, you have to be your number one Fan and then they will see what you want them to see. Because then it will be the truth of who you are. Don’t give something to someone you wouldn’t want for yourself. If you don’t think your amazing and worth it and need to be heard listen to etc…why will anyone else. Love yourself first and everyone else will too.

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