It’s the first day of a new year and we are so blessed. We were granted the opportunity to say good-bye to yesterday and hello to today. Not everyone has the opportunity to do so. For me, I just imagine what it would have been if I hadn’t the opportunity to see another day to connect to my vision, of living everyday knowing that if I have to say goodbye I spent my time doing what I was sent here to do. Thank God for life. Now imagine spending the rest of the year as you ought. Waking up committing to do the things you truly desire to. Imagine living a life of true success that doesn’t come from riches or anything on the outside but a life that from within is full contented and happy. Because you wake up daily and discipline yourself to take the steps you need to, to make your day successful. Define success for yourself. Imagine how glorious and wonderful it will be. Close your eyes and envision it exactly the way you want to, be precise. Now do it. Happy New year! I speak success and happiness into your lives, be well.

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