Melting Fat

The one thing that every woman as dreamed of finding the secret to. How do we melt fat?

Doctors, personal trainers, nutritionist, curious by standers of the like have tried for years to figure out the secret formula. Still, men and women from different parts of the world struggle with body issues. They are overweight and unhappy with themselves. Hoping to find the formula that will give them something to look to. The essential question of this piece is, can we burn fat?

If so, how, what will we use, and how fast can we burn it. This seems like a high mountain to climb but I believe it’s simple. It’s going back to the basics and essentially stepping away from the fancy versions that can help us answer this question.

It’s not a complicated or even a difficult thing to burn fat. The discrepancy and the need for years of ominous research that essentially boils back down to the basics, are warranted because of a lack of discipline in human culture. A quick and temporary solution somehow seems more realistic and preferable than say sticking to a certain eating regimen for one year and gradually reducing your belly fat. As well considerable increasing the mechanism of your body and how it functions. Thus lacking the need for extreme measures in keeping the weight off.

How do you burn fat and lose weight? I will break it down in its simplest terms. Follow through on the reading to see how. Yes you probably heard it before in some form but this time it will be different. This time you will listen internally and pay attention because I am assuming if you are reading this far you want to learn. Put out more energy than you put in and eat clean, that simple. Going to gym and having a regular regime is important but not the science or the logic of burning fat and losing weight. Those are to help you create habits and change your mind set. You don’t need to spend too much or carry out any crazy diets to lose weight.

Rene Descartes puts it well, “I think therefore I am”. The discrepancy between the knowledge of how to lose weight and burn fat and keeping it off is in how we perceive ourselves. If you think of yourself as a young vibrant, attractive person with a nice physique, you will feed yourselves and take care of yourself likewise. If you think of yourself otherwise, unhealthy, unhappy, and out of shape you will also feed yourselves like wise. To wrap up loosing weight and burning fat is easy. Put in less than you put out, eat clean and keep moving in any way shape or form it takes. Importantly, change the way you look and think of yourself, change your view and you will take care of yourself under accordance with whom you believe yourself to be.

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