Unclutter, It Can help Improve your Overall Mood!

Working a nine to five job, it can get overwhelming to keep your space free from clutter. You have to do drop off and pick up if you have kids, after school activities, dinner, homework, shower and the list goes on. Coming home and trying keep a clean living space every day can get pushed aside and after sometime you will start to see some build up of clutter. Clutter for me is reminiscence of a chaotic day. Nothing going right, being late for my train, getting my heals stuck in the elevator has I have one minute left to swipe in on time and then spilling coffee on my top all before Monday morning meeting. At that point I am grumpy, groggy and ready to throw in the towel for the rest of the day. When I come home the last thing I want to see is clutter all over the place or even trying to find something and not being able to because we aren’t organize. Keeping your surroundings clutter free can help increase your mood and lift your spirits. Here are a some of my personal tips for keeping your space clutter free.

A list, at our house we try to unclutter every three to four months. I keep a master list that you can create once, of the items that you need to organize and you keep adding as your needs changes. You can start with subcategories of the room you are looking to organize and then create subcategories of the items within that room that needs to be cleaned. See the example below.


Bathroom: Medicine Cabinet, cleaning cupboard, make-up shelf, toiletries.

Bedroom : Draws, closet, bookshelf, ottoman, bedside table, shoes.

The primary thing with getting organized in the first places is that it helps you to stay organize over a longer period, and requires less effort on your part to keep. Once I have created my master list, then I get myself organized with a calendar. This would like the below example.


6:00 to 7:00 PM Bathroom: Medicine cabinet and cleaning supplies.


6:00 to 7:00 PM Bathroom: Make-up shelf and toiletries.

I continue to do this until Saturday and allotting at least one hour to tackle two to three areas within each sub-category each day. This schedule for me takes into consideration my work schedule and lifestyle. It takes a week to unclutter and get organize in little spurts so not to get overwhelmed. After completing and uncluttering everything, I know for maintenance it’s light cleaning like sweeping and wiping the floors, laundry, and dishes. I try to get my kids and husband involved in the process by splitting tasks so that we can all feel motivated to keep a clean environment.

This has yield consistently good results for me in helping us to keep order with our busy schedule but more importantly, improving our moods and lifestyle and the way we interact with each other. When you are operating in a space where you can move freely, you can find items with ease, it gives you a great sense of calm and peace and it will help to increase productivity. It takes away small little situations that can cause disagreements or even distractions from happening so you and your loved ones can focus on what should matter more, like finding time to spend with you kids and watching a movie with your partner before bed. Those activities are more important because they keep you connected as a family and motivated and thus living happier, healthier lives.

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