Your Beliefs Form Reality

Have you ever wondered why you find yourself in a particular situation multiple times, even though each time you tell yourself that it won’t happen again? You wonder, why do I get the same results even when my intentions are different? This happens, because you choose to put yourself in that situation through your thought patterns and beliefs. As beings, we are responsible for the kind of life we live because our belief creates our reality. We can teach ourselves to adapt values and beliefs that breathe negativity or positivity, or we can create the atmosphere that will increase the probability of us being in desired situations.

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You dreamt of becoming a Doctor but in college you studied to become an actor, you joined the theatre department and made friends with actors. Then after college you still remained friends with them. Now you’re a recent graduate, you have no job and are starting to get some bills of your own. In your heart you want to pursue medical school but in your actions you are still hanging around your theatre friends from college, going to casting calls and booking acting gigs. In the evenings when you go home around 10:30 PM before bed you grab a computer and search medical schools, and read a five-minute article on how to choose the best medical school for you. Let’s say you do this every day for some time, reading different articles and information on becoming a doctor, your dream career. Yet you are also going to casting calls, booking acting gigs and actively working towards becoming an actor. Which one would you become first? An Actor. You’ve done the activities of an actor over a long period of time, believing that this is what you have the knowledge to do and get results for. You continue to do this over and over again, daily reinforcing your belief and improving your skills as an actor.

If you want to become a doctor you would need to go to school, spend time reading medical books, journals and doing practicals. You would carry out actions that would get you closer to becoming a doctor. You would do these things when your beliefs meet with reality, when your actions align with your belief. When this happens you have now begun to believe that you are a doctor, you will now have the skills and foundations needed. Your thought process and idea patterns of yourself are now aligned with becoming a doctor. Your actions thus, will now be steps that will continue to improve your skills as a doctor. My point is you create the life and world you want to live in your mind before it becomes a reality, just like a writer creates a story and the reality (scene, plot, setting, atmosphere) within the story from their thoughts and ideas. We create our reality with the thoughts and beliefs we have of ourselves. As a man thinks, so is he. I challenge you to think kind and positive thoughts, to believe in yourself and to believe in the impossibilities in life. For you can do all things through Christ!

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