My go to Comfort Meal!

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I love a good bowl of something warm and delicious when I need comfort food. It’s difficult to decide on a good comfort dish that isn’t high in calories, carbs and is nutrient dense. Highly processed foods like burgers, pasta ice-cream comes to mind when I think of comfort food. In reality, they are the opposite of comfort because in the temporary it feels good and tastes …delicious but, because they contain a high amount of processed sugar and content in the long run comfort foods like these are the opposite of comfort. They help increase cortisol levels and stress hormones so you pack on excess weight over a period and causes an even greater level of discomfort. I believe that there’re three components that are necessary for comfort food. Warmth, lots flavor and nutrients. The key to putting together a great comfort meal is compromise, giving and taking and always using nutrient content as your deciding factor on whether an ingredient should be added. If its nutrient dense, warm and yummy its sure to do the trick. My favorite right now is a warm bowl of chicken Pho soup, its light and flavorful and I still get some great nutrients in my body. This hits home every time for my family and even my two year old loves it. I would recommend having all ingredients on hand chopped, measured and ready to go. It takes about thirty minutes to complete and the results are phenomenal.

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1 lb Chicken (Substitute with mushrooms)

8 cups Chicken or vegetable brought

1/2 Onion (Sliced in thin rings)

1/2 tsp Salt

1 Pack Rice Noodles (Substitute your preference Udon or Ramen)

1 Jalapeno

1 Cup Bean Sprout

3 Cloves of Garlic

1 Tbsp Grated Ginger

2 Tbsp Hoison Sauce

Mint to Garnish

Wash and set aside vegetables and meat. Dice meat into small chunks or cut them in small cutlets. Thinly slice garlic, jalapeno, onions Set them a side. Put on a Pot with the chicken or vegetable brought on medium bring to a slow simmer. Pour in salt, onion, garlic, ginger, jalapeno, and chicken cover and let simmer for 20 minutes. For the ginger I use an already crushed bottle to save time, you can find them in you local grocery store. Add rice noodles and cook for three minutes, Turn off the stove and let stand. Place bean sprout, hoison sauce, and mint to garnish. Pour into four bowls and enjoy a delicious, fulling and comforting meal.

Prep Time is 10 Minutes and cooking time is 25 minutes.

Each bowl has approximately 350 to 450 calories

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