Why Compound exercises should be incorporated in your workouts

I became a personal trainer in 2012 right after high school, just as I started my first year of university. I didn’t know much about exercising and maintaining a healthy diet.But, I was eager and ready to learn and my first plan of action was to come up with a full proof method to building exercise programs. The goal was that no matter who I apply this formula to it should be solid enough to work but flexible enough to adjust from person to person taking into account their individual needs and level of fitness. I wanted to be able to help people achieve their goals without disappointment. So I set out to figure out the formula that would ensure that. I learnt that there a many components to a healthy lifestyle and achieving any goal but I didn’t come up with a formula. A full proof formula isn’t likely because for that I would need to be able to control emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of my clients wellness plan. There is one thing I learned about the physical aspect as a result of my quest that has been an amazing tool in my arsenal, compound excercises.

Photo by Arun Kr on Pexels.com

It’s simple, yet unique and can be adjusted for everyone. The most beneficial thing that comes from doing compound exercises is development and strengthening of your muscles for everyday movement, this benefits everyone. Compound movements are movements that incorporates usually two or more muscle groups in and exercise. To complete the action requires coordinated efforts of muscle groups. Not only are you developing your muscles but as well the nerve endings that are corresponding to make the move happen.


  1. An increase in heart rate, helps you get a cardio workout as well

2. Increase agility due to repetition and muscle coordination

3. Muscle groups are forced to work together so an increase in muscle coordination for everyday movement

4. Due to extra output and increased heart rate you will burn more calories

5. Improvement on large and fine motor skills

6. Increase fat loss because you build muscle to help burn more fat

7. Increase muscle growth overall

Many athletes and trainers rely on compound movements because of the benefits above. They are able to achieve more in each workout session in a relatively shorter amount of time. Here are a few of my favorite compound movements. You can do them anywhere at home or at the gym. Make sure to practice using proper form and techniques for each exercise.

  1. Squat press

2. Plank -Ups

3. Deadlift

4. Push up

5. Leg Raise with medicine ball

6. Barbell Squat

7. Ball passes between Legs and hands

8. Kettle bell swing

Take your time to learn more about each exercise, think about the movements in relation to your body type. Do you have any injuries, where? Does this affect your ability to perform a particular movement without incurring injuries? Once you have thought about those few points, decide which excercises you want to do and execute. It doesn’t matter which you choose as they are all great compound movements. I do want to talk about the science behind it some more in another post but in closing I wasn’t able to find a formula. I believe understanding compound movements and incorporating them in my programs was as beneficial as I perceived a formula would have been for me and I hope it will be beneficial for you as well.

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