Life Currency: The Value of Relationships

Quarantine has given me sometime to reflect on things. I’m with my husband and kids 24/7’s and I’m learning that I really love these folks. I don’t know if you like me knows what it feels like to be a social lone wolf. Let me explain. I like socializing and having fun in fact I’m a real life goof. After sometime though I need quiet time to reset and I have to be by myself. Yet, I’m thinking I must love my family because well, I am still enjoying their company like it’s the first day. I’m learning so much about my husband and kids and it’s helping to relate and sympathize with them on a deeper level. I feel like even though I am stuck inside and I’m not seeing most of my people, I am learning how to love them and value their relationship more as well. One question I’ve been thinking on is, what is it all worth when everything is said and done? When you’ve made the statement “I’ve lived” what does it mean?

Does it mean you lived in a ten bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills and frequent events that guest lists include people like the Carter’s or the Kardashian’s? Does it mean you lived in a three bedroom villa on the island of Costa Rica by the beach. Spent your mornings running on the beach and sipping coffee with your dog right next to you gleefully wagging his tail? Does it mean you are a Farmer in Nigeria with acres and acres of land, your job is to sustain the economy by providing food to keep people alive? By most measure either of those options sounds like a good choice. Living can be all of those, none of those lives or choices are more fitting or better than the other. It depends on who you are and what you choose to do with your life. What then defines the knowing that you truly lived life on your best terms.

It’s the people you love and the ones who love you back. Their relationship, the feeling they give you, the joy it brings you to know that they are well, and they are thriving. It’s also the pain you feel when news come that they aren’t well. The loss that can’t be replaced with no amount of time or money. You can’t ever be truly rich without people, without relationships and others to love, motivate, be loved by and cared for by. Relationships are the pinnacle that defines the difference between a life truly lived and a life that just existed. It’s the glue that unifies and form great alliances. The toppling of kingdoms come by building relationships. The freeing of an entire generation of people came by building relationships. If there’s anything I’ve learned from binge watching Ozark’s on Netflix during quarantine is that even when I am down on my luck and have nothing left it can be the difference of me choosing to value those around me or not. Often times we forget the value of reaching out to someone and brightening their day. Letting them know that their relationship matters to you. Reach out to a family member or a friend share a laugh with them and brighten their experience in whatever way you can because relationships matter.

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