A Loss of Words

I’ve come to realize that this post won’t write it self, so here I am. I have been at a loss of words for the last couple weeks. Struggling with my emotions and trying to understand what I am feeling and how to deal with it in the most healthy and productive way. Letting it foster change instead of fear, hope instead of anger. To be honest it has been hard and I don’t know that I am capable of expressing myself the right way in this situation so I’ve suppressed sharing my thoughts because I don’t want to offend but then I realize well that is the idea of what white privilege looks and feels like. I am constantly checking myself and my words because I have to be sure they are appropriate enough. Can everyone’s truth be told without judgement, just a desire to express empathy and love to your fellow human? Can you recognize your biases when you so easily offend and quickly jump to your defense rather than acknowledge that in actual fact right is right and wrong is wrong? Yes I know we can paint right and wrong differently depending on who is telling the story but this is my story and in my opinion it is fundamentally wrong to oppress your fellow human beings based on superficial judgments like the color of their skin. How can the color of anyone’s skin determine their character? Don’t easily offend. Our cry isn’t to say that everyone’s life doesn’t matter but to say that we would like our lives to be as equally valued and important as everyone and is that so bad? Let’s be kind to each other and love up on one another in times like this. It’s dark and scary but we’ve pull through many trying times as human beings and we will triumph over this one too. But we must be kind and love one another as we love ourselves value the others lives as a family, friend or a valued love one.

Photo by 3Motional Studio on Pexels.com

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