A Legacy of Unhealthy Habits

Forming healthy habits are lifetime practices. I see it in the way a warm cup of milk before bed is familiar and expected by both my children. The older one less so now but it is still a concept that is familiar to him and ever so often he asks for one.  My point is that I made that a habit for them by practicing it daily. We have to consider the nutritional habits and the types of lifestyle habits we demonstrate for our children, who will inevitably replicate. We teach them these habits daily, not in crash courses or lectures. Obesity is a serious issue in Canada and the US. It is considered  a progressive chronic disease and it is a result of lifetimes of bad eating habits carried on from one generation to the next.

With the trajectory of society, an increase in anxiety, fear, emotional stress and a significant decrease in our capacity to manage and cope with stressors. We really have to ask ourselves what are we leaving behind for our kids? Will they inherit a legacy of eating highly process foods with significant increase in bad hormones because of the environment they are created in? Or can we go back to the basics for a moment so we can teach our little babies how to eat and live a sustainable life? A story was once told to me; A young boy was born into a very wealthy family his mom and dad loved and treasured him dearly. So much so that as he grew instead of telling him no when they should have they said yes to him for whatever he desired or wanted to do. He grew accustomed to thinking this is what he should expect out of life and everyone around him. Eventually though the boy got older and so did his parents. He began to interact with people outside of his home and eventually time came when he had to get a job and began taking care of himself. The boy struggled with life and basic relationships so much, he was crippled and inept at any job he performed because he was so use to being told yes and great job so when anyone criticized or told him no he was not able to deal with it. Eventually the boy declared he hated is parents because they did not love him enough to teach him the right things and prepare him for the world. Because of this he chose not to speak to his parents ever again.

I told this story as a parable of what is to come if we don't start taking stock and being responsible enough to teach our children healthy eating and life style habits. How to to take care of themselves and their environment. The excuse that we don't know how to, or we don't have a choice is not an excuse at all. Choosing not to empower ourselves in order to empower our children is a failure of choice on our part. The consequence of this is starting to show wherein young children are begin to speak out against how we take care of the planet, how we treat animals and how we are ultimately helping humanity to its death by decreasing the life expectancy, filling our bodies with garbage hormones and foods that lack any kind of nutrients. 

If we make changes now by educating ourselves, youths  and our loved ones on eating healthy we can have a huge impact. It starts at home, don't expect large food companies who profit of greed and lack of self control to promote healthy sustainable eating. If they do they are out of business for good. Eating healthy is so simple and enjoyable that once you start eating foods that you can grow, that are simple and nutrient dense you will begin to wonder why you were ever okay eating crappy foods. The health care system that is currently overloaded and already unable to carry the capacity of people who now needed it will certainly implode on itself if we choose to ignore warning signs and continue to encourage quick fixes like diet pills and surgeries. 

My awareness is heighten because as I write this, I am aware that we are in the middle of the second wave of a pandemic  that has already taken so many lives. Based on what we have learned those that suffer fatality from the illness are mostly those who are currently suffering from underlining respiratory diseases. Respiratory disease are a result of the difficulty of the exchange in gas in air breathing animals (humans) . this can be cause naturally, by smoking or taking in chemicals that are harmful to your body. To my point, a poor and unhealthy diet is not a leading cause but a variant that can lead to death in a body that could have otherwise fight respiratory diseases. As always do your own research but somethings are logic and if you follow the logic more often than not you can't go wrong. Let us ban together and start training the food industry how to feed us and how we want to be fed. Healthy, sustainable food that helps the environment and also give us a fighting chance in the face of illnesses. Not to mention increasing our chances of living a healthier and happier life. Let's leave our children a better legacy. 
Photo by August de Richelieu on Pexels.com

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