When you experience true gratitude then everything around you gives you pleasure. The book of Ecclesiastes is a new favorite of mine, it gives us great insight on how futile life really is without salvation. Without God, without salvation the only thing that is truly certain for all man is death. There may be many creative ways to die but one thing for sure is that we will die. The bible tells us that God is all things and in him is all things. At first it seemed to me a concept that is scary but surrendering to the understanding of who God really is and accepting that truth brings freedom.

We don’t need to change the world or do something great to make our lives meaningful. Our meaning is him and in him. Listening to his word and walking in obedience and enjoying the little gifts that he blesses us with, is enough. I say little because everything pales in comparison to life with him. The pleasures’ of eating food, drinking, sleeping in a warm bed, spending time with our family; all those are amazing blessings but they are nothing in comparison to walking your journey with him. This isn’t to say that the only thing we will ever enjoy is God and that our lives should only consist of that.

God created and gave us the pleasures of the earth for our life and good living. So we can enjoy his beautiful creation with him, water, nature, our family and friends are majestic and magical things that we cannot explain or control no matter how hard we try. It’s hard not to be grateful just to be apart of his magical and majestic creation.

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