Today is an exceptionally beautiful day outside, as I drove on the highway to my next stop I couldn’t help but take a deep breath and admire the beauty of the sun gleaming across the sky. Creating orange and yellowish hues. For me it created the feeling of being in and apart of a colorful and scenic scene, apart of a story bigger than myself.

It brought my mind to the stories and the narrative that are being told today. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram social media scenes are lit by narratives of people from different walks of life with very different lived experiences. I won’t talk around it…I’m referring to the ordeal that is center stage for the world right now. The US presidential election. As I read and took in the point of views from Twitter, blogs and even listened to some narratives on youtube I couldn’t help but ask myself what is the truth?

The left and the right are deeply drenched in their beliefs so much so that no one is willing to listen to the other. Everyone has given life and reality to their beliefs and have decided to go to bat to defend it. I only want to submit that as individuals sitting home watching history unfold before our eyes to becareful, be vigilant, and wise with the information you take in and the information you share. It is irresponsible to spread narratives of hate and divisiveness on either side of the spectrum. From what we know in history it never works to be extreme with anything. Socialism to the extreme is dangerous and has it’s own flip sides so does utilitarianism, conservative ideas to an extreme has cause genocides. Remember to be open minded to love your neighbors as yourself irregardless of beliefs.

We are now setting the stage for the next generation, I appeal that we do not let hate and divisiveness be the story we tell again. Don’t let history repeat itself. We have read of these stories we know how they end. Believe it or not as individuals we have the ability to change the narrative. The media was created with one purpose, to control the narrative, to control the people with seemingly less power not to tell their stories but instead to direct the story. Step back and look in, step away from the posts and reposts and hashtags and breathe. It is a blessing to be alive even in the midst of this. For myelf I take comfort in the fact that no matter what, nothing happens without the say so of God and all his plans for our lives is for good and not for evil but to give us a hope and an expected end. Now I don’t know what your beliefs are individually or what brings you comfort but I want to encourage you today that love is better than hate, light is more spectacular than darkness and light always expels darkness. Center yourself and find peace in that today.

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