It is always a challenge for me to commit to anything that wasn’t driven by a sense of duty.   To commit to my workout routine, commit to a creative project that I had considered for years.  Simply put without enough motive I like most, lack the capacity to will myself to victory.  Perhaps you like me struggle with sticking to an excercise regime or even maybe an eating plan to help you get in shape. Here’s a bit of advice I gave myself.

Nothing gets done without consistency, a potter doesn’t mold a vase without consistenly holding and shaping the object to his desire. At some point in my wellness journey I had to decide whether chance and moment to moment decisions would serve my goals  or whether a consistent regime may be the very secret trick that I needed to catapult me into seeing real results, it was. The thing I learned about consistency was, rather than putting me in a box and limiting my options or making me feel like I am apart of this boring routine it opened up more options to me. Consistency gave me the flexibility to switch in and out different things to find what works best for me. Let me explain further. Because I keep a consistent regime working out and in my diet when moments come up at family events or special outings I can comfortably without guilt change my diet or decided not to work out that day. Because in all honesty my taking a day off to pig out isn’t going to do much damage as me yoyoing back and fort about my diet. Rather instead I carved out time to let my guard down and live a little. I’m better equipped to sustain my  diet because I am in control rather than being controlled by emotions or my circumstances. I truly believe we sometimes have a negative view of control.  Control outward is problematic but control inward can  be very rewarding used for the right things. Self control is a mastery that many never live to see or seek but self control and consistancy goes hand in hand you cannot have one without the other. 

My point, when you are truly seeking to achieve a goal you can’t leave it up to chance. You need a plan and that plan must include a daily regime that included consistent activities that gets you closer to your goal daily.  A new quote of mine that I adopted is “Everything you do daily are signs of what your life will look like in the next five years.” Don’t buy it? Look back at the last five years of your life and then evaluate where you are now. You must be brutally honest with yourself. Nine times out a ten it will make perfect sense if it doesn’t then your the anomaly.  The thing about consistency is it’s the very key you need to find balance and balance is your key to living well. Spend time evaluating your fitness goals, creative goals and life or career goals then come up with daily activities that will get you closer to your goals. The key is consistency so when it comes time to bend or divert from the plan you can do so without worrying. You have the map to your destination so it’s ok to detour sometimes and go sightseeing, you will find your way in the end.

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