Different Worlds

Photo by Alexander Dummer on Pexels.com

We are from different worlds but can we meet?

I paint my nails yellow, do you like green?

I take my coffee black one sugar, can I get you some cream?

If it isn’t too forward do you mind sitting on my side of the pew

and next week I will sit with you?

It seems so complicated but it isn’t true.

It’s a lie, it’s a myth that I can’t see you from my side.

I look not to pry but because as a child of God your life is valuable

As a member of the human race your wellbeing concerns me.

So can we have tea tomorrow, talk about our problems and plan to agree

to disagree?

It wouldn’t be fair to ask you only to see me.

Invite me over for dinner so I can try your apple pecan pie.

We will have a quick chat over the fence while I uproot some weeds and you

plant some new seeds.

Lets build a relationship that celebrates our differences and embrace our similarities.

Like the way we both beam when our kids are doing well.

Like the fact that when nana or papa isn’t well, our hearts aren’t swell.

I love you as your are do you think you can meet me half way?

As life unfolds around you day to day

remember that you are not alone.

Your experience while unique, is not isolated.

Look to your left look to your right, you are surrounded by people.

Fellow humans, brothers and sisters in Christ. While we have

different lived experiences our lives are forever connected, intertwined.

If this world explodes on us tomorrow not only some of us will die.

I don’t suppose the rich or poor will survive.

We are our brothers keeper and we can agree to disagree.

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