How to deal in uncertain times

Uncertainty makes me feel like I am spiraling out of control, driving an old car with no breaks down a steep hill. Every moment is swift with sharp breaths while I gasp and fear paralysis sets in. I fear being at a loss in the aftermath. Death, worst permanent poverty and no autonomy over my personhood. The truth is life at its essence is unpredictable. There are protective measures that can be taken to avoid the most damning human falls like saving, insurance, investing, planning and preparing for the worst and so on. Nevertheless, even if we get to a point in life where every plan A has a plan B and every plan B has a plan C there is still room for plan C to fail. So, the idea of a life that is secure AKA the American dream is a Façade in other words humanly impossible.

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This deep fear of the unknown is a lack of faith in God and his plans for our lives. Anything we could possibly ask for and manifest will pail in comparison to God’s desires for us. So, what do you do when you recognize that you are not in fact the author and finisher of your fate? I know that recognition can take any one over the edge but hold on there is hope. If you are like me this may be devastating news and fear paralysis may be just around the corner but the truth is, you are ok. This notion of fear of the unpredictability of the future is heavily associated with the fear of not having enough. Those of us who started out life from humble beginnings have a natural affinity to this idea of uncertainty, but truth be told, collectively as a society we have the same phobia because our focus is always on more, more power, more access, more freedom, just more…but more is not always the best. We have to reteach our minds on the ideas of more and lack or less. Paul says, he knows how to exist in plenty as well as in little. If every fancy building disappeared today humanity will still exist, we will still be fine, more than likely we will rebuild. But how we handle ourselves in lack will determine how and if we arrive in plenty.

There are different seasons in life and reasons why they come about. Often, we want to skip seasons of life with no good reason. There is no reason why any individual deserves to have more than another. However, the reason why individuals do, is due to their ability to create and provide value to the lives of others around them. So instead of focusing on the uncertainty of your situation focus on yourself. Your ability to create, produce and distribute whatever the creator planted in you to share with the world. Focusing on growing and developing your self as a human, spiritually, physical, mentally and emotionally is more conducive and helpful to you and everyone else, rather than spending your time worrying about your situation. I am a firm believer that our lows are for growth and our highs are to serve humanity using whatever gift God granted us. To liberate yourselves and humanity you need unpredictability, you need a motive to blossom into roots that extend deeper and deeper into the roles we are assigned.  You cannot arrive at a destination without a mode of transportation, lows are transportations to highs the more lows the closer you get to your destination, but remember how you handle your low is the key to how you are arrive at your high.

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