5 reasons why you should Stretch

  1. Stretching is Relaxing

I love Stretching because it helps me to relax. Has I go through my daily task it I don’t always remember to take a deep breath and relax. I try to blend deep cleansing breaths with my stretching routines. Not only does it allow me to dig deeper into my stretch, but it is an opportunity for my heart (cardiovascular system) to purify and clear out bad toxins with small intentional breaths. So the next time you stretch focus on your breathing and clear your mind, this helps you connect on a deeper level with your body.

2) Stretching Strengthens Joints and Muscles

Stretching may also contribute to the strengthening of your joints and muscles. It provide more elasticity for strength training and powere/endurance workouts. We sometimes dismiss stretching as an important part of a workout routine but in all honesty stretching is like foundation for training your body. Everything will be and work better because of it.

Photo by Li Sun on Pexels.com

3) Stretching Burns Calories

Stretching can help you burn calories. Stretching is not necessarily going to get you a six pack or help you loose fifty pounds anytime soon but over time it will have a huge impact on your body if practice consistently and intentionally. Think about yoga practices that help you loose weight. While yoga is more than just stretching most moves can be considered static or dynamic stretching. For someone who is severely overweight or perhaps injured and unable to perform strenuous task, adding a fifteen to thirty minutes routine five days out of your week will burn calories, increase muscular performance and eventually make changes to your physique. I do not suggest you replace strength and or cardiovascular endurance with stretching if you are able but remember your wellness journey is about you and your abilities. Let exercise meet you at your point of ability and not someone else’s.

4) Stretching Increases your Range of Motion

It increases range of motion. If you are someone who sit in a chair all day or even stand at a counter taking peoples orders or cashing grocery (a consistent and repetitive task). Stretching will help you to perform your work without causing injury or wear and tear to your muscles. Because you are taking a particular range of motion consistently eventually your muscle get soar and begin to cease up. Stretching will help to increase your range of motion in other words stretch that muscle out so you can keep using it and increase its ability to perform a particular task. Let us take for example a bus driver sitting in their seat for eight or twelve hours. That can cause your back, hamstring and calve muscles to cease up and become soar. Stretching will help to increase range of motion and strength in the muscle to prevent them from ceasing up aka Charly horse.

5) Stretching Increases Performance

Last but not least, stretching increases performance. I feel like I said this in my previous examples, but it is worth exploring on its own. If you are an avid fitness enthusiast or an average person interested in being healthy, chances are you want better performance. Whether it is to perform a deadlift or deliver the mail or do the laundry stretching will increase the ability to do your daily task. I like to tell my clients that prevention is better than cure. Do not wait until you have back pain and knee pain and all the other ailments to start doing something. Figure out how much time you have in the week and commit that time to learn about stretching and perform 5 to 10 different moves. You are doing yourself a huge favor and your body will thank you for it.

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