Tips to Start your Inner Wellness Journey

A wellness Journey is where one begins to think of themselves as more than a physical being occupying space. Instead you start to think off yourself as a force of energy occupying a mental, physical and and spiritual space…a soul. There are many different aspect of your soul that have needs to be met or fed in order for you to become well. Here are some steps to begin to integrate into your journey right away. When you practice these together, you begin to occupy a space of wellness and peace regardless of external circumstances around you. You will also notice that you begin to view internal and external factors differently. From my exprience its a spiritual transformation that helps you to see the world in a different light.

Drink Water! I know most of us know the lecture of drinking water daily and if you are anything like me at first you may roll your eyes and start listing all the reason as to why water is not needed. Or begin the conversation of liquid is liquid why is water nessecary… yeah I know. Drinking water is drinking to sustain your body. Your body needs water as much as it needs air. It aids in food digestion, feeds minerals and vitamins to vital organs, cleans out toxins and keeps your body running smoothly. Infact drinking water can reduce common symptons that are attributed to things like burn out. Things like fatigue, drowsiness, dissy spells, headaches, hair shedding and more. Drinking water will help to reduce those symptoms, improve body functions, energy levels as well as produce and overall better feeling as it relates to your body. So adding water is definitely a huge game changer for anyone considering taking on the journey of wellness.

Smile! Tip number two is to smile! Yes, change your natural state of rest physically and it will affect you mentally. In this case positively. I hope you raised an eyebrow and questioned the logic of smiling helping you …change the way you feel and think? Not only will smiling more often change the way you feel but it will also impact the mood and energy levels of others. When you smile more you become more inviting and approachable, it also becomes a good reminder to others to smile. Working down town Toronto, I have seen my fair share of faces that blended into clouds of people ridden with troubles who whore it on their faces. A simple smile was always sure to break that cloud of fatigue. The rewards are endless if you think on it because we recieve gratification or feelings of happiness from helping others too. So, smile help you help others help you!

The next tip is to change how you think. Personally this is my favorite step and a key to the success of any other steps or advice I can possibly give. I personally went through a huge transformation with this step. It is the hardest process to undergo and becomes somewhat of a on going process but it is worth it. Most have learnt habits and modes of thinking from a very young age, some good and others more damaging. Our thoughts and ways of approaching things can be so limiting, causing us to shy away from things not being willing to take risk, be open and vulnerable and worst of all resist trusting the process. Think back on a time you may have had something embarrassing or heart breaking happen to you. Now walk through the process of how you have reacted to similar situations following that experience. Nine out ten times the answer simply put is to avoid being in that situation again, avoid those feelings. What if being in those situations are what you need to become you? To find and anchor into your identity? Most times we don’t want to have that conversation or thought process with ourselves because it hurts and it feels like breaking but I believe that our healing is often in our breaking points. What I am saying is that sometimes the journey of wellness can be about radically changing your process of thinking. How you think and assess yourself, society, your problems, fears, highs, and lows will affect how you feel.

There are many aspects of wellness to explore mentally, physically and spiritually. With many different modes and steps you can take, but I believe that foundational work is of the utmost importance. One of the things that can happen when we take on the journey of wellness and look at it as the need to practice self care, eat right, meditate and all the typical things you may think of when you hear the word wellness, we get lost in this fabricated idea of wellness that prevents us from reaching true forms of wellness. Those aspects are so important, they are the amazing, fun and rewarding parts but we have to couple them with the changing of the inner self. For example spa dates are not things we can consider right now. Spa’s are closed, there are no mani pedis, no massages, and no facials. What do we do when we loose the external activities of practicing wellness? With that said remember a wellness journey is a personal and very spiritual experience and it is always unique to you, so as you read this post remember to adapt it to your experience take what you need and leave the rest.

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