How to Evaluate Different Areas of Wellness

There are several areas of wellness that we should take into account and evaluate often. They are; social, spiritual, financial, emotional, environmental, physical, intellectual and occupational. These are are the areas that affect our lives drastically and daily.  With society moving forward in the manner of technological advancement, access to more, and an increase in global interconnections, we should constantly re-evaluating these things in our lives and make sure we are working on, progressing and being well in each area. Here are somethings to consider in each area when evaluating your level of wellness.

Emotional Wellness

*What is your state of emotional wellness? Being emotionally well means being able to deal with tough circumstances and maintaining a healthy emotional response.
*An important aspect of that response is the ability to continue to make decisions and operate within difficult circumstances. 
*How are you dealing with conflict with others? Can you resolve most conflicts or at least attempt to before walking away or losing control of you emotional capacity.

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Financial Wellness

*How are you doing financially are you fiscally responsible?  Able to pay your expenses, save and invest in your future. 
*Do you buy things simply because you see it and it appeals to you or do you evaluate the value and  ROI before you purchase?
* Does savings take priority over your expenses? You should be able to comfortably pay yourself before paying expenses and may I add, without worrying that you won’t have enough for those expenses.  It takes time and careful work to get there but it’s very possible and its possible even on the smallest of budgets.

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Physical Wellness

* Are you taking care of your vehicle? It is easier to evaluate on a scale of one to ten how you feel physically. If it is anything below a seven then physically we aren’t well and need to take steps to do get better.
* Drink water- are you drinking enough water to help your body perform the necessary functions ?
*Do  you do a minimum of thirty minutes physical activity on a daily basis to help your cardiovascular, digestive and muscular systems stay fit?  I am a firm believer that exercise should be enjoyable so find an activity that you love and this will help you stay motivated.
* What do you eat? Make sure you are filling up on foods that are feeding your body wholesome healthy  nutrients and vitamins.  Treats are a necessary part of the human experience but they should be kept to a reasonable minimum and executed with caution.  You wouldn’t put regular gas into a Lamborghini would you?
*Sleep is so important to your physical wellbeing, are you getting enough sleep to fuel your daily activities? You will know if you are always getting tired by three or four PM, cranky most days, always needing more sleep and if you roll your eyes at every perky energetic person or your friends little baby for having to much energy. Those or sure signs you  need to get more rest.


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Environmental wellness

*We are a product of our environment . Genetics may have blessed some of us into perfection but we are all really products of nature and nurture. We need to be in healthy environments that supports and nurture our values and belief systems.
* Ask yourself questions about your environment like how do you feel when you get home most days? When you are spending times with your friends do you feel energized or inspired ? Or are you feeling low, insecure , unsure? How can you change that?
*I always recommended looking within firstly when things are out of order and after you evaluate the internal and check your thinking to ensure we are not just manifesting stinking thinking on the outside. Then  its time to evaluate the external and change the things you can immediately and progressively work on changing the things that may need time. 
*Sometimes it’s a good thing to be in spaces that are outside our comfort zone, spaces that challenges you to be better and work harder.

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These are a few ways that you can use to evaluate your level of wellness.  This is not a comprehensive list and I will dive into other areas like spiritual, intellectual, occupational wellness but I believe they need to be looked at individually as they have a huge impact on most other areas in our lives. For now I will love you and leave you with this weeks post and I trust that your week ahead will be filled with love, peace and joy, until next time cheers!


    • Thank you, you are welcome. Often times we thinking about wellness as an internal thing but so many things affect our state of wellbeing. I’m glad you found it useful 😁

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